HD Television

Choose the low-cost Orby TV package you want each month - our prices include taxes and fees.

How Orby TV Works

Orby TV programming packages are received using a satellite dish.

An outdoor antenna is also included to receive local channels. The antenna is attached to the satellite dish.

The Orby TV on-screen guide shows both satellite and local TV channels in one easy-to-use display. No internet access is required.

How the Installation Works

The installation is a one time charge of $150 for the first room, $50 for every other room after. However you can self install for no cost, you must purchase a dish kit they cost $159.99 

First things first order the desired amount of receiver from our website or contact us by phone to order. 

Next once you receives your order via UPS you can pick a desired installation date the works for you and we will send you one of our professional communications technicians to get you up and running.


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Orby TV Receiver

$100.00 + Tax


What's Included

  • Receiver
  • Remote Control
  • On-Screen Program Guide


$200.00 + Tax


What's Included

  • DVR
  • Remote Control
  • On – Screen Program Guide
  • Pause Live TV
  • Watch TV While Recording
  • DVR Service is $4/month with a Programming Package and $12/month without

Two easy ways to order this service

  • (360) 302-1728